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#67 How to monetize your content with Nikki Webster from Rebel Recipes

#67 How to monetize your content with Nikki Webster from Rebel Recipes

October 28, 2020

If you’ve ever wondered how to move from content creation to making bank with enough money to support your lifestyle, I think you’ll really enjoy the lesson’s that my guest today learned on her journey. Nikki Webster is an award-winning vegan food blogger and now two-time author who has transformed her passion for vegan food into a successful business through content creation. 

In our conversation today Nikki shares

  • How she started creating content and learned what resonated most with her audience - while she was still holding down a full-time job
  • How having her blog Rebel Recipes helped her to crystalize her message and find her voice while she was still learning her craft
  • Why it’s not enough to be passionate about content - you need to be aware of the transformation you want to affect in your readers, viewers or listeners
  • How she almost turned down a major styling contract in India because she thought the email was spam
  • How she diversifies her income streams to alleviate the risk from the inevitable peaks and troughs of running an online content business
  • Her publishing journey to her two books and how she went from a good offer to a great offer with her first book proposal
  • How Nikki balances work and self-care and her top tips for aspiring authors, including what to be aware of and how to get started

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#66 Embrace Your Gorgeousness with Tristan Lee

#66 Embrace Your Gorgeousness with Tristan Lee

October 14, 2020

Today’s show is full of sparkle and love thanks to my fabulous guest, The Gorgeousness Coach Tristan Lee.

Tristan is a health and wellness coach on a mission to help us all look good, feel great and regain our sparkle, no matter what our age - and let’s face it who doesn’t want to feel more gorgeous, right friends?!

Tristan is an incredible advert for his own personal brand of wellness having transformed his life in his late 30s, overcoming mental health issues and redefining what mattered most to him and then beginning to coach others to do the same.

Having spent most of his life desperate for other people’s approval, Tristan embarked on a journey which he admits was “a journey of personal growth and healing that just happened to be disguised as a business” as he took responsibility for his own approval and rebuilt his self-esteem.

He’s proved that regardless of age, you can still look great, feel fab and have amazing self-esteem - so I just had to invite him on to the show to share his journey and special brand of magic with you.

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#65 How to process your emotions with Nadia O’Boye

#65 How to process your emotions with Nadia O’Boye

September 30, 2020

Today's show is for you if you’re anything like me and you’ve been dealing with a ton of emotions over the months we’ve been living with the Covid 19 pandemic.

Having the tools to manage our emotions in a healthy way is important for all of us and my guest today, Nadia O’Boye, has brought along a toolbox of tips to help us become more conscious of our emotions and how to manage them in the best way so they don't end up overwhelming us.


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#64: How to Harness the Power of Storytelling with Nicola J Rowley

#64: How to Harness the Power of Storytelling with Nicola J Rowley

September 3, 2020

Have you heard about the power of storytelling in business but wonder how to use it successfully? If so you’ll love this episode as my guest today shares her tips and waaaaay more.

Now, if I was going to bake something with today’s guest as the ingredients, the recipe would be pretty impressive! From discovering her passion for storytelling and presenting at just six years old to reading for Chris Moyles and Sarah Cox on Radio 1, interviewing celebrities on the red carpet on BBC3, heading up PR for three TV channels at UKTV, starting not one but two businesses and writing FOUR successful children’s books, Nicola Rowley’s journey is inspiring for sure. But it also has a single theme running through it: Storytelling.

In our interview today, Nicola shares her tips for balancing work and motherhood, the importance of being visible for your audience, how to get started with PR for your business, leading with service rather than selling, and ultimately how to harness your zone of genius in a variety of ways to create multiple income streams and a life you love.

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#63: Are these 3 psychological drivers holding you back?

#63: Are these 3 psychological drivers holding you back?

August 19, 2020

Today I want to talk about drivers.  Not the guy behind the wheel of that gorgeous convertible you wish you had in your garage, but three common psychological drivers that can stop you from hitting your biggest goals in your life and work, how to recognize them AND how to stop them from stopping you.

When I was first starting out in my coaching business I really struggled with taking time off. 

Whenever I booked a day off in my calendar to chill out, I felt a bit anxious. My inner ‘boss’ got all up inside my head saying “You can’t take a day off. You’ve got too much to do!” and I almost canceled. Does that resonate with you?

Thankfully I recognized that one of my psychological ‘drivers’ had sprung into action and was trying to hold me back, and I was able to stop it from stopping me take that all-important mental time-out.

The thing is, most of us have one or more of these drivers working against us, but we’re usually unaware of them. These drivers create the exact opposite of what we want in our life and work - whether that’s getting more visible in our businesses going live to promote our new offer, launching a podcast or pressing send on that email campaign OR stepping our of our comfort zone in other ways like starting a new hobby or finally committing to that 5k we’ve promised ourselves we’ll train for. 

They can damage our feelings, our relationships, our self-esteem, and even our health. And they can wreak havoc with our businesses. But when we recognize the drivers for what they are, that awareness can help us to tame them and lessen their impact.

In this episode I’m going to focus on three of those drivers:  the hurry up driver, the be perfect driver, and the be strong driver.


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#62: How to get video confident with XayLi Barclay

#62: How to get video confident with XayLi Barclay

August 5, 2020

Do you ever feel less than confident about creating videos? If so this episode is for you as my guest today shares EVERYTHING you need to know to get started with video for your business.

Screen queen XayLi Barclay is in the house today! She is a visual content creation coach & Thinkific expert for online course creators, specializing in helping entrepreneurs effectively stand out and make a genuine impact in the digital space by connecting on a deeper level with their audience. Who doesn’t want that, right?

In our interview, XayLi breaks down why video is so important for us to use in our businesses, how we can all feel more confident in front of the camera, how to get started with online courses as an additional revenue stream and her own tried and tested recipe for ‘Cam-Confidence’ - the 5Ps that you’re definitely going to want to bust out your journal to make notes on.

Friends, you know I love chatting to ALL my guests but this interview was very, very special! 



XayLi Barclay -

#61: From idea to 5k customers in 5 months with James Mulvany

#61: From idea to 5k customers in 5 months with James Mulvany

July 22, 2020

My guest today is James Mulvany, serial entrepreneur and founder of a platform that connects podcasters with potential guests for their shows. Since it’s launch just 5 months ago, has already signed up 5,000 members - an incredible achievement! 


In our interview, you’ll hear James’ entrepreneurial journey for sure - including how he started out with his first business at just 16 years old - but you’ll also hear James’ view on the traits you need to have as a business owner, the #1 thing that’s more important than revenue in your business, how he tested the concept for and began building the brand before he actually launched it (a key lesson for all of us launching new things in our businesses) and why James believes that podcasting is THE channel that business owners should be focusing on right now.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I always find it reassuring when I hear that other successful business owners have had to deal with failure in some way and listen out because James definitely spills the beans on one of his biggest failures too.


I really enjoyed chatting with James! And of course, as always, I will share all the links that we mention in this episode on my show notes page at

#60: How to do a half year review that sets you up for success

#60: How to do a half year review that sets you up for success

July 9, 2020

So, friends, it’s the beginning of July and that means we’re halfway through the year. For me, this is the perfect time to pause and take stock of where I am in relation to my big goals and that means doing a half-year review.

This is a practice I’ve been doing for a while now and really has made such a difference to my motivation and productivity. Now, if you’ve been listening to the show for a while now, you might remember that back in episode 25 I shared this process with you, and as that was one of my most popular episodes it felt like the right time to bring it back, with a couple of little tweaks and do a reprisal.

Plus, because you know I’m all about making my episodes as practical as possible, there is a freebie for this episode. My half-year review workbook includes all the steps I walk you through in this episode plus spaces for you to do your own reflection and start making plans for the rest of the year.


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#59: 6 steps to start a podcast that promotes your business

#59: 6 steps to start a podcast that promotes your business

June 24, 2020

So today’s episode is for you if you’ve ever thought about starting a podcast that promotes your business. I’m going to be talking you through 6 steps to go from scratch to confidently planning, creating, and launching a podcast that you can be proud of.


Show notes

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#58: Turn a skill into an award-winning business with Jenni Dunman

#58: Turn a skill into an award-winning business with Jenni Dunman

June 10, 2020

Have you ever wondered how to turn one of the skills you’ve learned in your career or your life into a sustainable business? Perhaps it’s a skill that comes easily to you but others don’t enjoy or find challenging?

Well, my guest today did just that. I’m joined by Jenni Dunman, founder of award-winning first aid company, Daisy First Aid, which numbers celebrities amongst its clientele.

In our interview, you’ll hear how a potentially life-threatening event became a light bulb moment which led to Jenni starting her business. You’ll also hear how she pretty quickly realized that her first business model didn’t allow her the flexibility she needed to fit in with her family life and how that led her to switch to a brand new model that initially, she didn’t know anything about.

I don’t know about you, but I always find it reassuring when I hear that other successful business owners have had to deal with mindset challenges like imposter syndrome, fear of public speaking, networking nerves. And Jenni is so open about how she’s had to face these issues in her own business. Jenni also shares two key things that have changed her life as a business owner (and it’s perhaps not what you’d think), why it’s key to have a strong niche and to know what makes you different from other providers in your industry, why it’s important to focus on one thing and perfect it before you move on to other areas and how her business has had to pivot to respond quickly to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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