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#77: The Secret to Non-Sleazy Sales with Annie P Ruggles

#77: The Secret to Non-Sleazy Sales with Annie P Ruggles

June 9, 2021

Do you feel sleazy when you try to sell in your business?

Friends, let's talk about SALES. It's probably the #1 challenge business owners face, particularly heart-centred business owners like us who break out in a hot sweat at the thought of sleazy sales tactics and tacky self-promotion, am I right?

But without sales and importantly without a solid PROFIT, we don't have a viable business, so all the marketing in the world won't make a difference if we don't learn how to sell.

And that's why I'm so excited that my guest today for this final episode in the current series is Annie P Ruggles, founder of the Non-Sleazy Sales Academy who is anti-hard sales, anti-tacky self-promotion and instead guides business owners to grow their businesses through deeper connections and genuine, service focused and friendlier but still lucrative sales conversations.

In our conversation today Annie shares so many great nuggets of wisdom including:

  • Why just being more visible IS NOT enough and why sales avoidance is a chronic condition that will stunt your business growth

  • How the martyrdom of over-serving without selling is teaching your customers NOT to buy from you and can lead you down the path to resentment

  • Why not learning how to sell is driving your ideal clients to your competition who probably won't care as much as you do

  • Why silence and pain are the missing pieces of the sales puzzle and the questions you need to ask after you speak your price

  • The sales baggage that you need to let go of BEFORE you learn to sell without the sleaze

  • How to deal gracefully with ‘no’ in your sales conversations.


#76: Why some people are more successful than others with Brian Hilliard

#76: Why some people are more successful than others with Brian Hilliard

May 14, 2021

Brian Hilliard is my guest on today's show for a conversation about how we can all be more successful - and who doesn’t want that!

Brian left corporate life after stress began affecting his health. He’s now a popular speaker, author of seven books including Networking Like a Pro and How to Overachieve Without Overcommitting and host of the podcasts Brand and Grow Your Coaching Practice and Everyday Success Habits. He works with busy entrepreneurs in the areas of Marketing, Mindset and Personal Achievement and has multiple coaching programmes.

In our conversation today Brian shares how success is not just about learning new things that work but unlearning old habits that don’t work, how the dual prongs of commission and omission can make anyone more successful (or less successful), one thing you must have before you use the Pareto Rule, how not to let ‘the tyranny of the small overcome the power of the impactful’, and the right way to sell for anyone who wants to grow their business without feeling sleazy.


#75: 5 Steps To Ditch Self Doubt and Supercharge Your Clarity

#75: 5 Steps To Ditch Self Doubt and Supercharge Your Clarity

April 21, 2021

Hey, there friends, Michelle here and welcome back to The Ideal Life Club podcast!

Recently I was invited to join Ros and Mike on the wonderful Coaches & Mentors Unwrapped podcast to talk about self-doubt. In our conversation, we discuss the relationship between expectation, fear, comparing ourselves with others, self-doubt and not meeting our big dreams and even everyday goals. I also share my favourite tool, the STEAR model, that can help anyone become more aware of how their thoughts affect their results and how to use it to overcome self-doubt and move forward.

And as always you’ll find all the links and details of today’s show and all the other shows in this series at


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#74: From $5k to $100k - the power of niching with Kristin Molenaar of YesBoss

#74: From $5k to $100k - the power of niching with Kristin Molenaar of YesBoss

April 7, 2021

Failure. What happens when I say that word, friends? I'm guessing you feel it waaaay deep down in your gut, because it's something that everyone who's a business owner has experienced from one time to another. Can you relate? I know I can. But how we come BACK from failure is what separates the most successful entrepreneurs. And today's guest on the show is a fantastic example of that.

Kristin Molenaar went from making $5k over 14 months as a VA to launching her agency YesBoss and bringing in $100k in just 10 months. She is on a mission to work less and make more and to help limit overwhelm for entrepreneurs. In our conversation today Kristin shares so many great strategies and tips including:

How to create a simple business vs a complex business
The importance of niching
Why resilience often comes in hindsight and what she's learned from failing
Focusing on essentials - from marketing to monetisation
Aligning with your zone of genius
The power of automation and delegation and how to combine them to create a positive ROI for every member of your team

Grab your journal, and get ready to burn out some notes, friends!


#73: Tools For Unlocking Your Creativity with Mark Stinson

#73: Tools For Unlocking Your Creativity with Mark Stinson

March 24, 2021

Recently I joined best-selling author Mark Stinson on The Unlocking Your World of Creativity podcast, where people in publishing, film, animation, music, restaurants, medical research, and more share their inspiration, tools and exercises to organize your ideas and get them out into the world.

In this episode, I chat with Mark about tools and models to help capture your creative projects and break them down by yearly, quarterly, and monthly goals and daily tasks that will get your project launched.

There's a big shout out for the #ThisIsMyEra planners for sure, but lots more too including:

- Where you have to start when you want to be successful 
- The importance of staging posts along your creative path and relating daily tasks to your biggest goals
- How goals create a container for our creativity and allow us to create in a space that has intention which in turn stops us from getting lost and despondent and
- The relationship between our self-doubt, expectations and comparisonitis 

So, pop your headphones in, stop questioning yourself and let's get you overcoming the obstacles that are keeping you stuck!

Find the show notes and all the links at:

#72: Lead With Intention with Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur Zaz Grumbar

#72: Lead With Intention with Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur Zaz Grumbar

March 10, 2021

My guest today is an old friend and all-round powerhouse of a woman! There are so many powerful lessons in this episode friends, I can't wait to share it with you!

Zaz Grumbar from Yoga with Zaz, grew up in Trinidad and Tobago, and came to the UK in her early teens, settling in London, after moving around A LOT with her family. She discovered yoga due to back injuries, after a motorcycle accident in her early twenties left her depressed and in pain and added to her eating disorder struggles.

It took her nearly 16 years as a student - and an epiphany that her Nanny was taking home more money than her mortgage - before she dared to change careers entirely from working as a marketing manager with luxury fashion and beauty brands, to following my heart and becoming a yoga teacher.

Listen in as Zaz describes how leaping from her high heels to the yoga mat in front of a room full of students has been the most fulfilling thing in her life - apart from her two kids of course - and the challenges that she's had to face along the way.

Zaz shares such powerful lessons about failure, growth, the pressure to be perfect, celebrating our wins, systematic self-care and the importance of putting away our ego to truly open up to what we need.

As always you'll find all the links and notes from this episode at


#71: How To Engineer Opportunities (Way of Living Podcast)

#71: How To Engineer Opportunities (Way of Living Podcast)

February 24, 2021

If you've ever wondered about my backstory then today's episode is for you! Recently I was invited to join Morgane Roos-Carreira on her show, The Way of Living podcast and we dove deep into my personal story, friends.

In my chat with Morgane, we talk about my personal journey, wearing lots of hats and how personal development came into my life at a time when I needed it most. I definitely go deep into some of the more difficult times and I honestly believe it's so important for us to talk about our challenges and how we overcome them. It can sometimes feel like we're alone in our struggles, so I hope that by sharing my own experience of depression and how I had to leave behind the person I thought I should be, to step into the person I needed to become. You'll hear about my views on lifelong learning, the importance of routine in creating a healthy structure in our lives, the difference between reaction and intention, why managing our mindset is a fundamental piece of the progress puzzle, and how to deal with the inevitable working mom guilt. I also walk Morgane through the STEAR model which is my favourite tool for managing my mindset.

And as always you’ll find all the links and show notes for this episode and the other shows in this series at



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#70: From pandemic isolation to reinvention with actress Helena Mitchell

#70: From pandemic isolation to reinvention with actress Helena Mitchell

February 10, 2021

As I'm sitting here recording this episode, we are still in the throws of the Covid-19 pandemic. So many of us have had to deal with uncertainty and challenge in our businesses, figuring out how to pivot to keep serving our customers and clients while responding to everything that's going on around us... if that resonates with you, you are definitely not alone.

In fact, my guest on the show today had precisely those challenges. Helena Mitchell is an actor and voice-over artist who was performing in the live UK tour of Milkshake! Children’s TV show Monkey’s Musical when lockdown hit. She lost a year of income in a single day due to the pandemic.

In our chat today you'll hear how Helena had to pivot multiple times to replace that income, the challenges she overcame, and how she now teaches business owners the key vocal techniques they need to run their businesses using Zoom.


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#69 Six Must-Have Systems For Coaches (Brand and Grow Your Coaching Business podcast)

#69 Six Must-Have Systems For Coaches (Brand and Grow Your Coaching Business podcast)

January 27, 2021

If you’re a coach who has struggled with building and growing your business then this is the episode for you! But if you’re a service-based business owner then don’t switch off because you’ll likely still get a ton of value out of this episode.

At the end of last year, I was absolutely delighted to join Brian Hilliard on the Brand and Grow Your Coaching Practice podcast to chat about the six must-have systems for any coach to start, run and grow their business - to create structure and growth, ditch overwhelm and conserve your energy for doing what lights us up - working with our clients!

And as always you’ll find all the links and details of today’s show and all the other shows in this series at

#68 NEW SEASON: Resolution Revolution (Encore une fois!)

#68 NEW SEASON: Resolution Revolution (Encore une fois!)

January 13, 2021

Hey there, Michelle here, welcome back to The Ideal Life Club Podcast and welcome to a shiny new year and a brand new season of episodes!

Wow what a difference a year makes, hey? This time last year I remember mentioning that we’d had the whole family over to The Barn, which was so much fun, and that everyone hung out in the kitchen while we cooked - looking back now we had so much to be so grateful for and little did we realise what was in store for us all.

A lot has changed over the past 12 months and I hope that you and your loved ones have stayed safe and well. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that I’ve been hearing a lot about New Year’s resolutions again. I’ve already lost count of all the conversations I’ve overheard or had with clients and friends resolving to lose weight, get healthy, find a new job or finally feel successful in their businesses this year.

Well for the second time in 2 years I’m calling TIME on allllll that. In fact, I want I’m recording this episode as an encore to 2020 because I want to rekindle the fire of the resolution revolution I started last January. NO MORE NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.

Ok, I know this is going to make me sound all baa humbug like a New Year Mrs Scrooge but I’m serious because for 92% of people resolutions just don’t work.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make change in our lives and businesses, most of us have some sort of fresh start in mind this time of year and I’m all for that, but there are some key reasons why resolutions DON’T work and some very specific steps we can take instead to make lasting change. And I'll be sharing them in this episode.


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