The Ideal Life Club Podcast

#43: Anger management with Tanya Heasley

January 15, 2020

From a difficult childhood to an award-winning anger management coaching business, Tanya Heasley is a perfect example of how you can transform a negative personal experience into your purpose and passion, and I’m delighted to have her on the show today.

Tanya combines anger management, counselling, coaching and positive psychology (and yes she has trained in ALL of these areas and more) to help young people, parents and teachers to deal with their own challenging emotions and behaviours.

In our interview you’ll hear the steps Tanya takes to overcome the negative beliefs which can hold us all back - including her fabulous superhero post, which I love - how she changed the structure of her business so that a percentage of her profits could help young people who couldn’t otherwise access her services and how one particular internal dialogue can be so destructive for us all.

You’ll also hear how Tanya stays productive and focused even though structure and discipline don’t come naturally to her, who inspires her in her business plus key tips we can all use to help us manage our anger better.

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