The Ideal Life Club Podcast

#35: Overcoming Challenges with Kirsten Rees

November 6, 2019

Today I’m delighted to welcome Kirsten Rees to the show not only because she helps business owners and other authors like me to make sense of the craziness in our heads and get it into a book we can share with the world, but also because her own business journey is one that I find very inspiring and I think you’re going to love it too.

Kirsten is now a coach for authors, a book editor and the founder of “Make Me A Success” but her work life didn’t start there. In fact, as you’ll hear in our interview, Kirsten took a while to find her passion and when she did, she still had a lot of things to figure out as she built her business. PLUS she had a series of incredible challenges in her personal life that she had to cope with at the same time. 

In our interview you’ll hear about the mindset struggles Kirsten had to overcome, the medical diagnosis that changed her life, the habits that help keep her balanced and successful and why she had to create her own support community that she can call on when times get tough.

And if you feel like you have a book inside you that’s just waiting to come out, you won’t want to miss Kirsten’s great tips for getting started - they are golden.

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