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#74: From $5k to $100k - the power of niching with Kristin Molenaar of YesBoss

April 7, 2021

Failure. What happens when I say that word, friends? I'm guessing you feel it waaaay deep down in your gut, because it's something that everyone who's a business owner has experienced from one time to another. Can you relate? I know I can. But how we come BACK from failure is what separates the most successful entrepreneurs. And today's guest on the show is a fantastic example of that.

Kristin Molenaar went from making $5k over 14 months as a VA to launching her agency YesBoss and bringing in $100k in just 10 months. She is on a mission to work less and make more and to help limit overwhelm for entrepreneurs. In our conversation today Kristin shares so many great strategies and tips including:

How to create a simple business vs a complex business
The importance of niching
Why resilience often comes in hindsight and what she's learned from failing
Focusing on essentials - from marketing to monetisation
Aligning with your zone of genius
The power of automation and delegation and how to combine them to create a positive ROI for every member of your team

Grab your journal, and get ready to burn out some notes, friends!


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