The Ideal Life Club Podcast

#32: Talking business with YouTube star Maggy Woodley

October 2, 2019

Can you run a business with YouTube and a blog?

Today I’m delighted to welcome to The Ideal Life Club podcast a YouTuber who has over half a million subscribers and whose videos regularly get millions of views! Maggy Woodley, more widely known as RedTedArt is also an award-winning blogger and author passionate about inspiring parents to get crafty, try something new and explore art with their kids.

Maggy took the transferable skills from her time as a management consultant and applied them as she grew her business, building on her own passion for crafting with her children. Her 6-figure business now supports her family while still fitting in with her life.

In our interview you’ll hear how Maggy made the decision to shift out of corporate life, the steps she took to make that transition including the small, but realistic goals she set herself, the support community that she relies upon in her personal growth and development, the importance of experimenting in your business and capitalising on your strengths.

Maggy also shares her tips for getting started on YouTube without being overwhelmed, how to write a book when you have NO time, how comparing ourselves with others can be a major barrier in this and other areas of our businesses, the daily practices and habits SHE uses to maintain her energy and her tips for starting or growing a business around your passions.

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