The Ideal Life Club Podcast

#13: Living With Allergies author Emma Amoscato on empowering yourself with knowledge

April 3, 2019

Today I’m joined by author, allergy educator and professional blogger, Emma Amoscato. Emma shares her journey from being a national features journalist who has written for The Times, The Guardian and The Independent newspapers here in the UK, to her son’s anaphylactic reaction in 2014 which led to her passion for empowering people with allergies and raising awareness to keep them safe and included.

As you’ll hear in this interview, Emma is no stranger to challenge and adversity, having had to manage not only two children with severe allergies but also her husband’s kidney cancer diagnosis, but she has turned so much of what she and family have been through into a positive resource to help others.

Emma talks openly about her own struggles with staying positive, the importance of having a personal self-care routine and how you can inform and empower yourself in the early days after receiving an allergy diagnosis AND in the following weeks and months.