The Ideal Life Club Podcast

#08: Indecision and the art of problem solving

February 27, 2019


Do you find yourself struggling to make decisions? Do you worry that you’ll make the wrong choice or what people will think about your choice? And why do we find it so hard to make decisions in some areas of our lives, but not in others? 


If you’re anything like me, there’s been times in your life when you’ve really struggled to make a decision about something. Perhaps it was whether to apply for a new job or switch careers, what your next move should be in your business or even what to wear for a special occasion.

Now, you might think you struggled with those decisions because you’re just an indecisive person, right? That it’s part of your make-up. But decision-making is actually a skill and one that everyone can learn to be better at. 

Listen in to this episode for my 8 simple steps for problem-solving.






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